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I go by Srce Cde (srcecde), on the internet. I am passionate about all tech things, especially data science, data engineering, system design, cloud computing, and blockchain. I enjoy sharing what I learn by writing blogs and making videos about these topics. Currently, I work as a Data Scientist at Srijan, putting my passion for data, engineering into practice.

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[Hands-On] AWS Lambda function URL with AWS IAM Authentication type

This article covers, how to secure the AWS lambda function URL using AWS_IAM auth followed by how authenticated IAM users can access the lambda function via function URL.

Pixel vs Path: Comparing Raster and Vector Images

From the photographs we capture and share, to the sleek designs we admire, the digital world thrives on images. Dive into my latest article about the comparison between raster and vector images. My latest article breaks down these two primary image types, offering high-level insights and comparisons from the image's perspective. Perfect for beginners and a refresher for pros!

Essence of Digital Images: Building blocks

We encounter images in our daily lives, but have you ever wondered about the intricate world that lies beneath the surface of these visual wonders? From the smallest building blocks - pixels forming the grid, to the various color encoding methods like indexed and direct color lightning up the quantum blocks of images, storage & transmission, the article takes you on a journey through the fundamentals of digital imagery. It also explores pixels, color spaces, image formats, compression techniques, and the art of digital image manipulation at a high level.